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Canadian going to school in America

Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, Katherine Pierce, and Caroline Forbes Stan

I really love Photoshop, as well as The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Law & Order, Friends, and Harry Potter

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On the Road by Jack Kerouac

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I'm back at school, so I will be posting less frequently (a couple of hours every 2 days Mon-Thurs, a few hours almost everyday Fri-Sun), but I have a queue that runs 24/7.

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  • seven scenes [7/7]
"You are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth. The fact that I get to die knowing that I was loved.. Not just by anyone. By you, Elena Gilbert. It’s the epitome of a fulfilled life.”

"Once you found out about the book, the only thing that I could think of was how to make it up to you. And I would have done anything to get you to forgive me. But I realized, that might not ever happen, and I had to be  o k a y  with that.”

Caroline Forbes in 3x09 "Homecoming"

Fill this in with stuff about you

  1. Where I’m from: canada
  2. Where I would like to live: america or britain
  3. Favorite food: sushi, chocolate, ketchup
  4. Religion: jewish, but I love all religions
  5. Sexual orientation: straight
  6. Single/taken: single
  7. Favorite book: pretty little liars series
  8. Eye colour: hazel
  9. Favorite movie: titanic & walk the line
  10. Favorite TV show: friends, tvd & svu
  11. Favorite band/singer: taylor swift
  12. Favorite day of the year: new years eve/day
  13. Favorite colour: purple
  14. If I have any pets: yeah, a dog
  15. What I’m listening to right now: nothing
  16. Last movie I’ve watched: independence day
  17. What’s my ringtone: sparks fly - taylor swift
  18. Favorite male character from a TV show: Damon Salvatore
  19. Favorite female character from a TV show: Spencer Hastings
  20. Favorite superhero: spiderman
  21. Celebrity crush: Bradley Cooper & Ian Somerhalder